last update: 2013 December 31
AMD64/Intel64/x64 assembler projects
UEFI x64, Linux 64 bit, win64 (Windows XP 64bit, Windows server 2003 64-bit, Vista x64, Windows server 2008 x64, Windows 7 x64, Windows server 2012 x64, Windows 8 x64)

Article: Enabling Debug Control for newer Intel CPUs at win server 2008 R2 x64 / windows 7 x64 and the patch which adds such boot menu with modified kernel - 2013 December 31
2013 March 05 - hypervisor loaded before OS at boot stage achieved, uses VMX, supports SMP, video with booting: BIOS + MS windows, UEFI + MS windows, UEFI + Linux, UEFI + legacy BIOS boot
fdbg0024, asm debugger for windows x64 - updated 2012 October 01, fdbg0023 previous version (crashes on windows server 2012 / windows 8), screenshot
fdbg0002, asm level debugger for UEFI x64 and VM for Windows - 2012 September 19
HDBG, hypervisor based debugger for ring3 executables for ms windows x64, supported CPUs: only Intel 64 = Intel IA32e = EM64T with virtualization technology
fdbg0011, asm debugger for Linux x64 - updated: 2010 April 12
2010 June 28 - hypervisor based projects: hypervisor based ring3 debugger, hypervisor based memory analysis tool, hypervisor based virtual memory protection - info

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